About IAC

IAC: Connecting Indian-Americans to real projects in India!

Indian American Council (IAC), an initiative of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), started in 2006 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Sam Pitroda, who serves as Advisor to the Prime Minister, Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation.

IAC is a unique platform where Indian-Americans and Indians based in the U.S. can connect with growing organizations in India to collaborate on projects through exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and formulating growth strategies that contribute directly to India’s socio-economic development. As a hands-on way of getting involved with socio-economic development at grass-roots level in India, the initiative enables pro-bono transfer of knowledge and expertise on an individual level.

To begin with, IAC has identified the following areas that need the most attention. IAC members are urged to select one or more of these areas, in which they can contribute.

By leveraging CII’s wide network and support staff all across India, IAC members can link to development opportunities focused in metropolitan cities as well as smaller towns and rural areas to give back to a region that they hold dear to them.

IAC is about the philanthropy of time, expertise and resources. Join us!